About Me:
John Keyloun

I am currently a freshman in the class of 2013 at the University of Notre Dame. I am part of the Glynn Family honors program and am currently enrolled in Professor Lindland's Course Introduction to Anthropology. I was inspired to research this topic by the 7up series that was directed by Michael Apted and produced by World in Action in the United Kingdom. The series was viewed as part of the class. In the series, a group of children from different socioeconomic backgrounds, upbringings, and educational styles are documented throughout their lives in seven year increments. The series makes interesting observations and stands as an intriguing example of a unique type of reality TV. Some preexisting stereotypes about the characters end up playing out in real life during the course of the series. However, many of the life stories develop in unpredicted and interesting ways. I graduated from a public High school and felt that the topic of public and private education deserved some attention. I believe that the website makes some progress in clarifying the subject and suggests what is most likely the real source to the perceived differences between them. I have come to appreciate the various applications of Anthropology and have enjoyed my shot at using anthropology in a very real and practical way.